We are a U.S. company (Fintech) licensed to act as a SEC-Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), providing investors with the necessary tools to design their stock portfolios in an easy, complete and effective manner.

In turn, we offer users the chance to receive advice through our RoboAdvisor, to automatically help configure and improve their portfolios.

Given the broad range of financial markets and the great complexity of underlying market data, we provide the necessary components to guide you through an action filter, based on three large decision-making units:

Company Description / Fundamental Analysis / Technical Analysis

Use of the FinEquities platform does not require extensive financial/stock exchange knowledge. What many view as a hindrance, we render simple and effective, allowing you to approach direct Equity investment through stock markets.
Users are given a transparent view of their investments and may consult and/or change them at any time.

FinEquities Pro RoboAdvisor © is a Smart Equity RoboAdvisor allowing investors to obtain, after entering a few data, the best stock portfolio for their interests, using our algorithm.

FinEquities does not use, does not depend on, or provide advice through any financial instrument, other than through direct investment, on a fully independent basis, allowing the creation of global stock portfolios or providing advice in their creation process.